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Mission Statement

Mercy in Action is committed to seeing those who have been abandoned, neglected, abused and forgotten helped find meaning and purpose in life. By focusing on education, shelter, friendship and encouragement, they will be set free to live lives that fully express all that they were truly intended to be.

With your help, real and lasting change can be made

Every child deserves the right to shelter, education, sanitary conditions and above all, a stable and loving home where they are nurtured and loved unconditionally. Sadly this is not the case for hundreds and thousands of street children in the Philippines.

Our dream is an enormous one; to see an end of children living in squalor and hopelessness on the streets, and instead to see their lives totally restored by providing all that they have missed out on. Huge amounts of unconditional love are essential, along with all the professional and practical support necessary to provide for their needs if we are to succeed. At Mercy in Action we believe each precious life has a worth beyond measure but only with your help can we see real and lasting change made and dreams realised.