The cost of medicine and health care is expensive in the Philippines. For many poorer families hospitals are an absolute last resort as they cannot afford them – this often means that by the time they reach them, it can be too late. Even when the patient recovers, they can then be stuck in the hospital for days afterwards, as they are not able to leave until they have managed to pay the medical fees.

Basic medicines such as painkillers and antibiotics are also not affordable for families only earning a few pounds a day. This means that everyday infections or injuries can quickly become severe problems.

To combat this lack of affordable medical care, Mercy in Action has a community clinic that provides free medical assistance to local residents. Thanks to the containers that come over from the UK every year, we have a good supply of medicines in order to deal with any simple problems. We employ a full time nurse to run the clinic. Our nurse also conducts home visits and check ups in the community. For more serious problems, our nurse will accompany people to the doctor or hospital. We are able to help hundreds of people every year with complex medical issues, including paying for hospital bills.

We also provide health and hygiene education to try and reduce the amount of preventable diseases in the area.

After Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, we were able to provide medical aid to hundreds of people who had been injured. In particular, we supported one girl in her road to recovery, including her learning to walk again. To find out more about this stories, please see our November Newsletter.