Forever Families

There are many children for whom immediate and long-term care is needed.  Our Residential Homes are where they can live in extended family units until such a time as an alternative option is available for them.  Ideally we aim to reunite the children with their families, but sadly this option is rarely open to them. Our homes are not institutions, they are loving family units and foster families. The homes are safe places for children to feel loved & accepted. They can rehabilitate and readjust to life away from abuse & neglect. A good education & extra curricular activities are provided, social and emotional well-being monitored and spiritual guidance offered throughout their time with MiA.

We currently have three children’s homes:


Spring Village

The site is purpose built with the first of three family houses and a community centre housing a canteen, meeting place and volunteer accommodation. The remaining houses will be built as soon as finance allows. Just a few miles from the city centre it ensures the children have a complete break away from their previous lifestyle of drugs, crime and exploitation.  An established routine of school, play, good nutritious food and loving carers brings about radical and lasting changes in the majority of even the most damaged and vulnerable youngsters.

Currently Spring Village is home to 10 children, aged between 3 and 17. It was originally our Girls’ Home, but now it is home to our boys, as they outgrew the previous house they were in.

For years Mercy in Action had wanted to extend our work with street boys to more than just supporting them in education and feeding them every day. We wanted a home where they could get off the streets once and for all, and have the opportunity to turn their lives around. In September 2012 we moved 4 street boys that we had been working with for 5 years into the new house. They were aged between 8-17, they all had drug addictions, and the younger two had barely any memory of a parent or a life not on the streets. Some people told us that the boys were too old, too used to the streets and would never be able to adapt to life in a home. We are so glad we never listened to them! Nearly 3 years on, the boys are all thriving in the home, and have been joined by 6 more. They are all off drugs, in regular education and flourishing with the help of loving house parents and counselling. The older boys volunteer on certain Mercy in Action projects, and are great role models to boys who are still on the streets. We couldn’t be more proud of them.


The Girls’ Home

A few of these children came to us through social services, however most of them had been known to us for several years through our drop in centre. They would regularly attend the Drop in Centre to eat, play and be looked after. Some of them were sponsored by Mercy in Action to attend school. However, neglectful and abusive homes meant that the children didn’t do well in school and were regularly found in hazardous situations on the streets instead. Despite mediation through our social workers, the families involved were not able to make the necessary changes in order to protect their children. In these cases we are left with no other choice than to rescue the children from the streets and place them into our loving home.

The changes we’ve seen over the years that the children have been with us are remarkable. They are able to see the significance and worth they have, and given the time to heal from the trauma inflicted on them in the past. They are given high class schooling to allow them to excel in academics, as well as simply enjoying being children again, and learning what it means to be loved and protected. We are so excited for the bright futures ahead of them all, and to see all that they are able to achieve.