Child Sponsorship

EducationA good education is the springboard for a changed society and at Mercy in Action, we believe it is one of the greatest gifts we can give a child.  However, for the poor, it is a luxury beyond their means.  This is why in 1999 we first enrolled children onto our schooling programme.  Since then, hundreds of children have grown into young adults, with many of them now leaving college with professional qualifications and the opportunity to gain worthwhile and rewarding employment. We are currently sponsoring over 400 children to attend school.

Education in the Philippines is costly, with uniforms, all books and materials, including craft sessions and projects, needing to be paid for as well as school upkeep and exams.  Our scheme seeks to support children and their families through the education system that is appropriate to the individual child.  In addition to schooling needs we aim to provide the students with a hot meal every day.  This encourages attendance and commitment when hungry families are tempted to keep them at home instead.  Help with health care and other community needs enable us to see the whole community transformed by the empowering nature of education.

Here are just a few facts about our Sponsorship Programme:

  • Dropout rate for students on our programme is only 4%, compared to a national rate of 7-11%
  • On average, we serve around 8000 hot meals every month to children on the schooling programme
  • Our schooling programme sees students through their whole education, even onto college and University, including careers advice

Sponsorship is so important in the community we work in, and absolutely integral to the work of Mercy in Action. It makes a huge difference, not just to the sponsor child, but to their whole family. We are always in need of more sponsors to enable us to enroll even more children into education. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please see the sponsorship section on our website, or contact us.

Education is the key to a transformed community,

Allison Todd, founder and director of MiA