The families Mercy in Action work with are just about able to feed their families a simple meal most days of the year.  However, at Christmas when the city grinds to a halt there is no work for them.  No washing to take in, no passengers wanting a ride on the tricab and no food on the makeshift table. We want to see families eat everyday, and especially at Christmas we want them free from worry and able to enjoy the holiday with their... Read More

Foster licence granted for sick child Baby P

Baby P cradled by his new foster parent, Mama Emilita. Mercy in Action is excited to announce it has been granted a foster licence by social services for the first Mercy In Action foster family. This will allow Baby P, who has cerebral palsy, to receive round-the-clock care and stay long-term with his amazing foster family while still being supported by Mercy In Action. One of the first charities throughout the whole of Cebu to receive a foster licence... Read More

Fliss in the Philippines

Talisay City Social Services has three social workers. Just three. In a city of around 180,000 people, where child neglect and abuse is rife. You can’t hide from it – wherever you are, whatever street or area, it is hard to not spot a child on the streets, no shoes, pilfering through rubbish in order to sell enough to buy something to eat. Older siblings looking after children no older than toddlers. Children looking after children. In England,... Read More