Global Volunteers

Global VolunteersIndividuals and teams of volunteers have been finding their way to our work in the Philippines for over 10 years. These volunteers have made a huge impact on both our work and on the lives of the children that they met whilst on their visit, and this is why we understand and appreciate the value of our overseas volunteers.

As a volunteer you will work alongside our core team of permanent staff in the Province of Cebu, where a large majority of our work is based.  Cebu boasts a vibrant city with huge western style malls, glamorous hotels, gorgeous beach resorts and a thriving tourism trade, but you don’t have to look far to realise that despite the modern facade of the city, it is still part of a developing country where the devastating effects of poverty are the reality of life for a large proportion of the population.

Although there is always lots of work to be done, there is also free time available for you to be able to explore and experience much of what Cebu has to offer, and we wouldn’t want you to fly home without getting a chance to see it!


  • Please contact us for prices
  • Working hours: Flexible, generally Mon – Sat for 6-8 hours a day.

Get to experience first-hand our on-going work, individually or as part of an organised team.  After your induction day, where you will receive a tour around the city and a visit to all our projects, much of your time will be spent working with children at the drop-in centre, but may also involve school visits, street outreaches, jail visits and house building.  It’s amazing how much can be fitted into two weeks, so come prepared!  This is also a great opportunity for you to meet your sponsor child if you are a Mercy in Action sponsor.


  • Please contact us for a quote
  • Working hours: Flexible, generally 5 days a week between Mon – Sat for 6-8 hours a day.

A medium-term visit allows you to get really stuck into work in our projects in Cebu.  Alongside working with children in the drop-in centre, you will have opportunities to become involved in community outreach and supporting local families living in poverty.  You will work alongside our team, and have the opportunity to take part in our huge variety of different projects.  If you have experience in an area of need such as medical care, teaching or social work, you will be introduced to projects or individuals that can most benefit from your expertise.


  • LENGTH: 3 months – 1 year
  • Prices vary depending on length of visit. Please contact us for details
  • Working hours: Flexible, generally 5 days a week between Mon – Sat for 6-8 hours a day.

As a long-term Global Volunteer you will become part of our core team in the Philippines. As the work we do in the Philippines continues to grow and develop, new projects and jobs often arise so there is no set job description for our long-term volunteers, but we will place you in an area that will allow you to be affective depending on your experience, passions and interests. Becoming a long-term volunteer requires a high level of commitment and dedication but results in the hugely rewarding experience of contributing to massive improvements in the lives of many of those whom we help.

One team’s reflection…

The team with the kids at their leaving party

We were amazed by the professional set up of the organisation and the way in which it was literally rescuing and transforming the lives of the children who live there. We were able to spend a lot of time with the children living at Spring Village, playing games, singing, dancing, laughing and eating with them. We were truly made to feel part of the family there. We were able to take them on trips to the swimming pool and the cinema, as well as a joint trip island hopping with the boys’ home. The happiness and hope that the children have is truly inspirational.

The drop-in was challenging to see; children from about the age of 7 living on the streets. We were struck by the size of the children. 14 year olds looked like 7 year olds, as a result of stunted growth due to poor, or at times non-existent, diets before Mercy in Action started working in that area. At drop-in the children could shower, store any possessions or clothes in a locker (about 20cmx20cm, normally still half empty) have snacks and lunch, and perhaps most importantly begin an education and be loved and accepted. The children were still amazingly positive, despite living on the street or in slums. They loved doing arts and craft activities and would try hard in the hours of teaching each day. Perhaps what sticks out most was that despite their conditions, despite they were standing in a ripped t-shirt often with nothing else on, when they got some food they would share it around and even offer it to us before themselves – such amazing, heartbreaking kindness, happiness, hope and generosity.

The whole team have been changed and had our eyes opened by the loving and compassionate people we encountered and their positive approach to the challenging lives they face.

If you are interested in becoming a global volunteer please email

Please note, we aim to respond to all emails within one week. If you haven’t received a reply within that time, please check your junk box, to make sure the email hasn’t got caught up there. If there is still no reply, please call our office.

We take child protection and the safe guarding of children in our care very seriously. We require all successful Global Volunteer applicants to undertake a DBS check before they are accepted. Please bear this in mind when applying, as checks can take several weeks to come through.