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Mercy in Action’s ‘Coconut Day’ Educational Pack

Mercy in Action has developed a Schools Resources Teaching Pack for UK schools as we feel that it is important for children in the UK to become aware of other children in a developing country.  The Mercy in Action Schools Resources Pack contains enough background information and lesson plans to hold a ‘Philippines Day’ at school.  The lesson plans contain practical ideas and projects to bring the Philippines to life, through fun learning that’s suited to KS1 and KS2 children. The Schools Pack contains fact sheets about the Philippines, an assembly plan and lesson plans covering many areas of the curriculum including art, geography, DT, music, maths, literature, drama, PSHE and healthy living.

The pack is free, but we ask that your school undertakes some fundraising for us. For more information, view our Fundraising Ideas page, or Contact Us

The pack has been split into Fact Sheet, Quizzes and Lesson Plans. You can complete every part of the pack, or pick and choose depending on what will work best for your class. The Introduction explains more about the pack, things to be printed out, and resources that you may be able to borrow from Mercy in Action (depending on the location of your school). There is also a Power Point Presentation that can be downloaded to accompany the pack.

Click on any of the links below to bring up the PDF that can then be downloaded. The Power Point Presentation will begin downloading as soon as you click on the link.

Coconut Day Introduction – Objectives, information about the pack, information on holding a ‘Coconut Day’ at school, preparations and resources

Coconut Day Section 1 – Fact sheets about Mercy in Action, the Philippines and the Coconut

Coconut Day Section 2 – Quizzes and glossary of terms

Coconut Day Lesson 1 – Art/Geography – Design a Flag

Coconut Day Lesson 2 – Art/DT – Design a Shelter

Coconut Day Lesson 3 – Art/DT – Make a plastic bag kite

Coconut Day Lesson 4 – Music and Movement

Coconut Day Lesson 5 – Literacy’/PSHE – Learning about the life of a street child

Coconut Day Power Point Presentation 

We would love your feedback on the pack, so if you have time to fill in this Coconut Day Feedback Form, any comments you have will be greatly appreciated. Please return the form to the email or postal address listed on the document.