Charitable activities

2010 saw considerable growth in terms of lives changed through education, shelter and feeding programmes. The most exciting development of 2010 was commencing build:ing ofthe Children’s Centre at Dumlog. The first house was started in October and is on schedule for completion in September 2011. It is intended to re-house those children currently in our care (8 boys and girls aged 8-15) at that time.

With more than 370 children in full time schooling and another 35 students in university, Mercy in Action’s education programmes are popular and have waiting lists from many families who would like to see their children added to those who are now able to look forward to a brighter future. Most of these clients are also eligible for a place on Mercy in Action’s local feeding programme, thus ensuring they are well enough to attend school and that the families are less likely to insist on them leaving school to support themselves.

The Abba Drop-in centre run by MiA continues to be used by up to 60 street children a day and is now seen as the first point of call for both children looking for help and social workers trying to assist those for whom they are responsible. In November Specialist Educationalists from the UK piloted an initiative to enable illiterate teenagers to get back into full time education. This Literacy Programme will run as soon as a suitable qualified teacher has been employed. In all Mercy in Action continued to provide around 1,000 hot and nutritious meals every week during 2010.

Four small houses were built for the neediest families – each being identified via local government officials in their respective Barangays (parishes).

Staff training and regular assessments are ensuring MiA is staffed by enthusiastic and well trained staff including social workers, errand boys, cooks, care workers, drivers and office staff. The ongoing work of Mercy in Action in areas such as medical relief, livelihood initiatives and assistance and training for vulnerable parents and the elderly all continued amidst the changes and challenges of 2010. Mercy in Action continues to provide Public Benefit through the provision of the above activities and is looking to increase its commitment to street children and their families in the coming years.