Shoe Box Distribution 2019

Do you know what happens to your shoebox once it has been delivered to the head office in Bath

Buy a Bucket of Love!

Join with us, and help make Christmas a cause for celebration for thousands of individuals in the Philippines

Bath Half Spaces Available!

Get fit, achieve a lifetime goal, and help protect street children in the Philippines!

Petra – A Volunteer’s Story

Volunteering at Petra is my weekly treat to myself

A Petra case study

“Petra can help to change lives. I don’t know of anything else like this. Petra is amazing.”

The Petra Project

Mercy in Action’s first major home-grown initiative

Newsletter 2017

Get the summary of everything we did in 2017 in our latest newsletter

London Marathon 2017

Meet Tina, our 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon runner! Read more about her and how to support her!

Kids and Youth Summer Camp 2016

Summer camp, based at a beautiful farm resort, was a fun-packed time away for the kids on or summer programme

Schooling re-registering days, May 2016

Read our blog about the 2 days of re-registration for our scholars to start the next academic year