The Team

None of the work that we do would be possible without the help of our hardworking Mercy in Action teams. We have a team of board members and directors in the UK who give up their time voluntarily to help with the planning and strategy of Mercy in Action, alongside our Philippines directors. They are:

John and Allison Todd, Founders

We fell in love with the Philippines in the early 1990s and shortly after met 5 boys whose lives were to change our own; we are still constantly moved and challenged by the need we see.  Between us we remain responsible for the day to day running of Mercy in Action both in the UK and the Philippines, but couldn’t achieve any of it without the incredible team of staff, volunteers and donors around us. Married since 1976, we have 5 children and 18 adorable but rowdy grandchildren!

Tim And EmilyTim and Emily Rosal

Emily moved to the Philippines when she was 17 years old to live and work in an orphanage in Mindanao. After getting married in 2005, Tim and Emily moved to Cebu to set up Mercy in Action’s projects in Talisay. They are responsible for the day to day running and management of all our projects in the Philippines. They have 5 children, aged between 5 – 16 years old.

Tim Jones, Finance Director

I’ve been a supporter of Mercy in Action since my first mission trip there in 2001. Since then I’ve been several times, most recently with my family for 6 weeks, getting involved in several projects including coaching the MiA leadership team. My first trip there brought me face to face with the reality of living on the streets (a long way from my childhood) and the realisation that the average life expectancy of a street child is 18, made me want to get involved. I work in marketing for a large nutrition company and am also the founder and owner of a health club. I’m married to Laura and have 3 boys under 9 and 2 foster sons over 18. I play a lot of squash in the UK and I was delighted to teach some racket skills to the boys in Cebu during my last trip.

Claire Scurr

Claire and her husband Trevor have been involved with MiA since the beginning. She has volunteered a lot of her time to various fundraising events for Mercy in Action from organising Filipino meals to running half marathons, and has been involved in all but one of the Ladies’ Challenges. Claire is a mother of four kids; 24, 20 and twin 15 year olds. She has worked for MiA as a Member (Trustee) and Director, and also managed a charity shop for a year. Claire has visited the Philippines several times and loved the opportunity to see firsthand what MiA is doing and to get to know some of those MiA is working with. Claire is currently training as a Person-centred Counsellor and is keen to use her skills and experience to support the team in Cebu.

Julie Sheard

Julie is an occupational therapist and is founder and director of Rehab Options Ltd. which specialises in vocational rehabilitation and assessments for personal injury litigation, based in Wiltshire. Julie became passionate and committed to the work of MiA during a visit to Cebu in 2013. Following involvement with someone injured in the typhoon in October 2012 she has a particular interest in developing rehabilitation services as part of MiA’s services in the Philippines, and incorporating assistance for the disadvantaged to access employment within day to day operations in both the Philippines and the UK.

At the frontline of Mercy in Action’s work is our team in Cebu:

Emily And TimEmily & Tim: Philippines Directors Anne: Administrative Manager Riza: Social Worker
Veronica: Social Worker Chinwin: Community Nurse Loloy & RudethLoloy & Rudeth: Houseparents
Jeffrey & Rose: Houseparents