Mission, Vision and Values

Mercy in Action’s mission, vision and values define who we are and what we do as an organisation.

Mission Statement:

Mercy in Action works to alleviate the suffering of children living in poverty in the Philippines through feeding, education, shelter and love.

We achieve this through:

  • Residential care: Family homes for children with no one to care for them.
  • Education: Enabling hundreds to attend school by providing them with uniforms, books, hot meals and practical help and additional tuition
  • Community: A centre for children on the streets to drop in for play, food, literacy, care and professional intervention. Teaching, advice and mentoring is available for adults, families, children and youth
  • Rescue: A designated home for boys rescued from sex trafficking.
  • Emergency Aid: Immediate and ongoing help for those affected by typhoon, fire, flood or other disasters. Rebuilding homes and providing medical help, food, clothes and shelter.

Vision Statement:

Our dream is to see an end to the abandonment, abuse and trafficking of children, and to see their lives restored and their communities transformed.


Mercy: Definition: To show compassion; a disposition to be kind and forgiving; to alleviate distress

As our name suggests, Mercy in Action exists to show compassion to those in need. We work to alleviate distress at every level, for good. This means working with the family and the whole community to ensure real and lasting change can take place.

Honour: Definition: To give high respect; the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right

We aim to work honourably and to treat others with honour. We do not patronise or condescend. We work with others to help them improve their lives and to escape the cycle of poverty. We give people the practical skills and resources needed to change their lives, and the lives of their children, for the better. We believe all children have significance and we work to help them realise their self worth and potential.

Justice: Definition: To show just behaviour or treatment; a concern for peace and genuine respect for people; the quality of being fair and reasonable

We believe all our clients, regardless of race, religion, background or lifestyle, should be treated with the utmost respect and equality. We work to uphold and implement the rights of every child, including the right to shelter, education, sanitary conditions and a safe and loving home. We work to ensure justice prevails for those who have been oppressed, abused and trafficked.

Servant Hearted: Definition: The portrayal of love through an act of helpful activity; the desire and action of helping or doing work for someone

Everything we do is carried out with the desire to express love, friendship and kindness towards others. We are there to help, not to master, to learn as well as to teach, and to serve rather than dictate.