The Petra Project

The Petra Project

All of us at Mercy in Action are thrilled to share an update on The Petra Project. Petra is Mercy in Action’s first major home-grown initiative. It was started by Laura Jones (John and Allison’s daughter) and her husband Tim, with the aim of providing a nurturing home for new mothers and their babies who would otherwise be homeless. Since the house opened in January 2017, it has remained almost permanently full, and has proved itself as a vital source of support within the local community.

Petra’s mission is simple: to create a safe and loving environment where young women can focus on bonding with their new babies. Most of the women who come to the house are first-time mothers, and at what can be an extremely vulnerable stage in life, it is important that both mother and baby have a secure place to stay. Laura and her team do not run a set programme of activities, but focus on the varying needs of each individual; this ensures that the house never stops feeling like a home, and that each mum can receive the best support for their personal situation.

So far, eleven women have been housed in Bath, and with the help of the Petra staff, have all found a more permanent home to move on to. A second house will be opening in Trowbridge this September, and it is hoped that the project will continue to grow in the years to come!

For more information, visit the Petra Page on our website

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  1. rosemary jones says:

    Congratulations on a great achievement!
    All your hard work is paying off!
    We are so proud of you both and we pray for more Petra projects in the future.
    Love R and R xx

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