Schooling re-registering days, May 2016

This last week I have had the pleasure of being part of the re-registration of the scholars on the Mercy in Action Schooling Programme. This project is working with kids and their families in order to help children attend school with the aim of completing their High School Certificate and potentially moving onto Higher Education in College or University. This type of financial support and personal encouragement from our Social Workers means that families living in poverty are better able to manage on their low wages; the kids are more likely to stay in school as they are not needed to work to increase their family’s income.

Explaining the registration process

The day starts early, to beat the 30⁰C+ heat! At 7:00am there was already a small queue forming ready to start the process. With a well organised system and plenty of volunteers to help the MiA staff the first morning started smoothly.

Leah (on the right) starts the registration process

A simple 5 step process began with registration and the checking of last year’s Grade card. The Filipino system is a bit like the American system – the kids must pass the year before being allowed to move onto the next academic grade. Then onto the letter writing – my station! Some of the kids had already written a letter to their sponsor but for those who hadn’t, the team of staff and volunteers assisted them to write a personal letter or draw a picture and add a few personal details for their sponsors. For some of the kids, this was a difficult task to think and write in their best English but I had the privilege of reading some beautiful, heart warming and sincere letters of thanks. For some kids, who have never met their sponsor, a kind and generous person from overseas who believes in them and wants them to have a fair opportunity to be successful, their letter is a small token of their thanks. Others have been able to meet their sponsor and are glad to hear some news from them or to hear of pending visits by some who are coming out to Cebu on our Global Volunteer programme later this year.

Big brother was there to help out

Concentration levels were high with the composition of letters!

Once the letter has been completed, the kids get to collect their brand new school bag, full of all the stationary and supplies that they will need for the year and then on to the photo! An updated picture shows how the kids are growing and changing and is a lovely way for sponsors to see their sponsor child’s progress!  It is a bit of a challenge to get them to smile for their picture though and Harry and his team worked their magic to make them laugh! Finally, once all these steps are complete, the budget for new school uniform and shoes is released, completing the process.

The photo team showing the scholar (2nd from left) how not to pose!

Girls College Scholars all finished!

We are so very grateful to all our generous sponsors, for supporting these children and their families. It is such an important project to enable families to manage much better on their limited incomes. Thank you for being part of their journey, and for offering a hope and a future for so many children.

Bag collected, ready for a photo

If you would like to know more about sponsoring one of our scholars, please look here on our website or contact the office: / 01225 443600

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