World Health Day

Today is World Health Day, and to mark the occasion we want to celebrate the amazing job done by our community nurse, Chinwin!

Chinwin is the manager of our community projects, including our drop-in centre for street children.  Alongside this, he manages and works at our community centre clinic.  Here, Chinwin is able to clean and dress minor injuries, supply basic medications, and give medical advice.

Our clinic is just the starting point of our medical assistance, and wherever possible, we try and bring our clinic to the community. Our community mothers’ support groups are the perfect opportunity for Chinwin to talk and give medical advice and instruction on all sorts of things ranging from hygiene, caring for young infants, and sexual health.  With mothers that can’t make it to our meetings Chinwin takes the time to visit their homes and check up on their families.

With community members that need to be admitted to hospital, Chinwin will work tirelessly to ensure that our patient is well informed about their condition and the treatment, as well as advocate on their behalf to make sure they benefit from social services support from the government.  Where necessary, MiA will help cover the cost of hospitalization and medication.  After the patient has been released, Chinwin works with the whole family to make sure they know the best way to look after and support their recovering family member.

Chinwin has now been with MiA for over 2 years, here are some pictures of him in action during his time with us!

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