Summer Programme at the drop-in centre

My name is Kailyn Rosal, I’m a high school student and you might know me because my parents are the Directors and my grandparents are the founders of Mercy in Action. This summer had been my first time joining the volunteer program with Mercy in Action and I want to tell you about my experience.

The Summer Programme happens once a year, it’s a crazy summer filled with laughter, fun and excitement for the kids and youth. Every day we have different kids from different barangays (neighbourhoods) come along and it’s our job as the crew, volunteers and managers to make sure by the end of the day everyone had learnt something and had fun. This summer I am part of the stage crew and it’s a tough job because I have to keep the crowd busy and going, I have to make sure that the materials and props are ready for the next activities and I have to keep my energy up to make sure the kids stay involved with all the fun and games.

Summer Programme is a place where you can have fun but then in another way it’s a safe place where the kids can also talk to us leaders about their problems if they need help. Like this week, there was one little girl age 11. She told me her parents are always fighting because her dad keeps coming home late and he’s a drug addict. Her parents fighting can get really loud; sometimes she and her siblings just cry and don’t really know what to do. So I just gave the girl a little bit of advice to share her feelings with her mum. But also I listed down her name and everything she told me because every day we report anything like that to our Mercy in Action social workers. I know they will be able to visit her and help her and her family.

It’s taught me that these kids really need our respect because we have no idea what problems they might be facing at home. Everyone has a story to tell and they may need our help. These children should be treated equally, they our future generation in The Philippines and we want them to feel important, follow God, know God’s love and believe in themselves so they can have a great future. My task has just begun and I’m excited for the rest of the summer and all the fun ahead!

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