Fire Disaster in Lawaan Slum

On Monday March 21, at around 10am, a fire tore through the slum area of Lawaan III in Talisay City.  It lasted less than 2 hours, but the fire still managed to completely destroy over 200 homes, affecting up to 1,000 people.  Fortunately, there have been no casualties reported.

March is the hottest month of the year in the Philippines, and here in Cebu we have also been in the middle of a drought.  With slum communities overcrowded and houses packed in tightly together, it was all too easy for the fire to spread very quickly.

Those residents affected are temporarily staying in tents near their former homes.  None of them own the land they live on, and have been told they can’t start to rebuild any form of shelter until after a meeting on March 30 with the owner of the land.  After this they will either be allowed to begin to rebuild, or they will be resettled to a new area of government land.

We have been visiting the area everyday bringing food and spending time with the people there.  We know of 10 families that we support through our community groups and schooling that have lost their homes and all their belongings.

In response to this we have launched an emergency appeal to raise money for housing materials for families to help rebuild their homes.  Each family has been promised some money by the local government, but they need much more to build new homes and start from scratch again.  The easiest way to give to this appeal is through our justgiving page, which you can find if you click on the link below:



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