Christmas Meal Appeal 2015 – Update

The response to the 2015 annual Meal Appeal has been incredible. We set ourselves the target of raising £5400 in order to distribute a total of 600 buckets of food to the poorest of the poor in the Philippines; more than we have done in previous years. The buckets are affectionately known as ‘Buckets of Love’ and contain enough food for a family of around 5 people to eat well for 3 or 4 days over the festive period. It means that they can have some time off trying to earn money to buy food and spend valuable time together and with their loved ones instead.

Through the generous support and donations via our shops, the website and through the post we raised more than we needed which means we were able to distribute the 600 buckets that we had aimed for. None of this would have been possible without the individuals, groups and organisations that gave so generously. Your giving makes a significant difference to thousands of people over the festive period. We whole heartedly thank you.

Buckets of Love Distribution

On the morning of Christmas Eve 2015, we gave out 600 buckets filled with food to families living in slum areas in Talisay.  People started queuing outside the children’s home for their buckets before 6am.  By 7am there was a small crowd, and the MiA team was ready to start distributing the buckets.

It was all hands on deck! Just getting all the buckets ready was a huge job – buying all the items and then preparing each bucket was a mammoth task.  Thankfully, the older children from our residential homes were very eager to volunteer and help with arranging the items in each bucket.  On the morning itself all available MiA staff were there helping with registering, and we also had the invaluable help of our volunteer community leaders with guiding families where to wait, register, and then collect their bucket.

Inside each bucket there were all the essentials for a ‘Noche Buena’ – the traditional Filipino Christmas Eve dinner, not to mention the buckets themselves that are so useful for these families.  Coming from the poorest of the poor, each family given a bucket was so grateful for their Christmas meal.  It was plain to see from the huge smiles from everyone just how happy their Christmas would be!  For everyone that gave to our 2015 Christmas meal appeal, we want to say thank you for making last Christmas truly special for a family here in Cebu.

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