International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is about celebrating the priceless contribution to changing the lives of others given by volunteers. At Mercy in Action, we want to give special thanks to our volunteers that come from all walks of life: from our global volunteers and students to our community mothers. Volunteers that throw themselves into all aspects of the life-changing work of Mercy in Action – be it on the front line with the street children in our Drop-In Centre, or joining the team cooking meals every day for the 400 children on our feeding programme, or in the UK helping with the running of our warehouse and charity shops. The tireless work of volunteers gives us the foundation to achieve truly meaningful transformations in the lives and communities of the poorest of the poor in Cebu.

In honour of International Volunteer Day 2015, here is a snapshot of just a few of the volunteers here in Cebu right now, selflessly serving and giving their time and dedication to Mercy in Action.

Daniela has been on our schooling programme throughout high school, and is now sponsored by Mercy in Action for College. She is in the 2nd year of her 4 year course in English Language at Cebu Normal University. Despite a heavy school workload, she volunteers one day a week at the Mercy in Action office, assisting the office staff with admin tasks. She also regularly helps at one-off events for MiA, taking a lead in the planning and organizing. Here’s what Daniela had to say: “Mercy in Action has been a big part of me and my family, so when I was asked if I could volunteer I answered with my biggest smile “yes I would love to!” I enjoyed preparing the activities for my fellow volunteers, especially in the summer camps. Being a volunteer, I’ve learned about dedication and hard work, I’ve gained patience and also learned to be hopeful when things don’t always go to plan!”

Daniela helping out with comms during MiA youth camp in the summer

Annie’s son is on our schooling programme. To help with the smooth running of the regular MiA feeding of the students in her area, Annie volunteers huge amounts of her time as one of our area leaders. She facilitates the food distribution and is a useful contact person for distributing MiA notices and information to the other mums in her area. She is also always more than willing to lend a very helpful hand with preparing and stewarding at any of our events. Annie volunteers because “It’s how I can say thank you to Mercy in Action”

 Anie explaining MiA food distribution at a schooling meeting

Coming from the UK, Natalie is a part of Mercy in Action’s Global Volunteer programme, enabling people from all over the world to come and be a hands-on part of our projects in Cebu. As well as spending time helping the street children in the Drop-In with English teaching, Natalie has been working hard helping us prepare for our Christmas events in Cebu.

Natalie enjoying some games with the residential boys

If you are interested in joining the MiA Global Volunteers programme then follow this link: Or feel free to email directly

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