The House Parents Retreat

A short blog about what it means to work for Mercy in Action, by admin manager Ana Fe A. Ruiz

On 23rd and 24th July we had a staff retreat, with the house parents, social workers and admin team.

The house parents were excited along with everyone else who was part of the event. Most of our expectations are just to relax and have fun; and definitely yes, we’re relaxed and did have fun. But there was more than that.

The retreat was hosted by the New Life team and brought changes to every individual. I liked how servanthood was emphasized as Frank shared about how serving others is so important. To serve is a great honour.  I believe the house parents were touched and realized that their work is not an ordinary job; instead it is a calling to be part of Mercy in Action. It takes patience to handle the kids who are not their own and they have to love the MiA kids the way they love their own kids.

Listening to the teaching about serving one another

The house parents are becoming more passionate for the children as they realize that their job is important. And to some of us who were part of the event we’re also blessed. Working in Mercy in Action is not an ordinary job; it’s serving people who need help and comfort.

Thank you to the New Life Team who are a blessing to us and to the entire MiA family.

The team enjoying some well deserved R&R!

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