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On July 12th, 6 intrepid explorers set out for an adventure in the Philippines. Team leaders Frank and Sharon have visited Mercy in Action’s projects several times before – for the other 4 it was a trip into the unknown.

So, what did they get up to and how did they get on? Written by team leader Frank.

During the trip, the team spent time with children in the three different homes run by MiA. We had fun telling stories, singing songs, playing games, and affirming value in children whose blood families are for various reasons unable to. We spent time with existing and soon to be sponsor children.

One member of our team was a nurse and she spent time with the MiA nurse at the drop-in clinic and out on community visits. Our dancer taught a dance class and choreographed and performed with the girls. They also had a girly pamper session, which was well received by the girls! Our education specialist spent time teaching at the home school and advising and encouraging Mercy in Action’s teachers.

Spending time at the children's homes

Meeting with staff and volunteers

We spent time on the streets with children whose lives are spent in or around a very busy market place. We really valued the time we spent with the core MiA team. These people work week in, week out with the children and the wider MiA family, and so it was great to just be able to spend some time encouraging and blessing them.

From the funds we raised through generous donations, we were able to provide funds for medical supplies and essential repairs to a house that will expand capacity to take rescued children and offer more space for the home school which offers catch up schooling. Our worship leader took a guitar to leave but was also able to buy another one so that both the boys and girls homes would have one.

We were superbly welcomed and hosted by the MiA family and we all considered it a privilege to serve alongside them.

Finally, we spent 36 hours R&R at a resort!

Spending time encouraging the MiA team

Enjoying a relaxing time at the resort!

If you are interested in volunteering with Mercy in Action, either as an individual or as a team, please get in touch.

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