My two weeks with Mercy in Action

By Global Volunteer, Laura

I feel this is a very poor attempt to sum up my 2 weeks volunteering with Mercy in Action! The projects are full of life, enthusiasm and well loved kids learning to be kids. My time out there was a privilege and getting to work alongside such gifted staff serving a load of great children is an experience I will cherish for a long time to come.

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from my time in Cebu, as it was my first time in the Philippines.

As the taxi pulled into Spring Village I was greeted by lots of smiles and interest. Exhausted by the journey I quickly went to bed but when I woke up the boys gave me a tour of Spring Village – including a play on the new trampoline. As we did the tour they were telling me about all their siblings. One of them told me they had lots… When a staff member corrected them, the boy declared that they had all the other children at the home as their siblings now. It was great just to hang out with the boys and we quickly played games. Most evenings were spent playing card games and chatting to the boys.

The next morning I met the team and learnt more about the day to day work in Cebu. I learnt about how my time would be spent and had more of a tour of the area and the projects.  The rest of my time I tried to throw myself into each project.

Helping with the children

A fun outing with some of the residential children

I spent a week teaching at Spring Village. It was great to be an extra person as it meant I had time to support the children who were struggling. I could be their teacher and their cheer leader and it was great to see their progress. I spent some time playing games with the small children. We made salt dough animals and played chase and played with balloons. The children loved our time together and always greeted me at the gate and argued over who could hold my hands as I came in.

I went to meet the women at the Source. Their testimonies were inspiring and exciting – it was clear to see that God was active in their lives and it was great to see how many people had recently joined.

I went for a tour of the poorest part of the city. While there we met family after family who had been helped by Mercy in Action… Parents were quick to tell me which support they receive.  You could tell that Mercy in Action is a necessary support for so many families within that community.

I spent time at the drop in centre. I was shocked to see how young some of the children were. While there I organised activities and games – we laughed a lot!

I’d like to thank the staff for the time they invested in me and the experience they gave me. If you are considering volunteering then I would urge you to apply. I felt like I was useful to the team and I loved the whole experience.

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