How can I make a difference?

By MiA Founder, Allison Todd

Most of us dream from time to time about making a difference, whether it’s to the world of science, the whole of mankind, our neighbourhood or in my case to my overgrown garden. How often do we allow ourselves the luxury of dreaming about making a difference to our own life?

Try it, I dare you…what would really bring change to your life? A lottery win? A new job? Or maybe just a new wardrobe? Something that can change you forever is to go and work among some of the neediest children in the world. Even a trip of just a few days is enough to put other things in perspective, to help you see your job, your town, yes, even your family in a completely new light. Something happens when we move outside of the comfort, the warmth, the mundane routine of our everyday lives and jump into a new and uncomfortable place. A place where we have no easy answers, no instant formula, no back up of a welfare state that catches those in need. A place where for a few short weeks you are the answer to questions you’ve never asked. A place where children as old as 15 are happy to colour simple pictures, not because they are slow or behind, but because they’ve never done it before. A place where you’ll laugh and cry at the same time, where a smile from a street child brightens your day as much as the tropical sun on your back warms your body. Consider coming and volunteering with us. You won’t regret it, and you might just find the change and the challenge you’re looking for.

For more information, or to apply, please email More information about volunteering, including volunteer testimonies can be found here.

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