Professional Development Workshop for our Students

40 college students on Mercy in Action’s schooling programme attended a Career & Professional Development workshop on 30th March.  This was the first event as a result of Mercy in Action’s official partnership with Red Cherry ‘N Silver Tips Corp.  This workshop was a part of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ‘Caring Cup’ outreach program.

These students have come from some of the poorest families in Talisay.  They have been able to continue their studies by being a part of the Mercy in Action Schooling Programme, and having a UK sponsor supporting them.  We hope that receiving specialist advice and tips on their personal career development from leading experts, will allow our students to have a successful transition from education into secure and flourishing careers that will help support their families.

Daniela is one of the students who attended the workshop. She is about to go into her 2nd year of college at Cebu Normal University, studying English Language. Here’s what she had to say:

“Us young people come to a point where we start to visualize who we will become in the future. We will then create a plan in achieving it. But, as young as we are, we are easily discouraged and confused. We need guidance to enlighten and help us decide the career path we ought to take that will surely fit in with our skill and passion. This will be our guide in every step we take to conquer success. Success that isn’t only about our financial state, but is also about our satisfaction, contentment and achieving our purpose in life.”

One of the college students introducing herself to the rest of the group

MiA college students listening to Rane Ann Javier-Diaz, the Seminar facilitator (Red Cherry HR & Admin. Manager)

“Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf provided that guidance. On March 30, 2015, they made a huge impact on my life when I attended a seminar for Career Development. They not only met my expectations but they also developed my confidence. The speaker tackled the do’s and don’ts in making a resume; they helped me have my own vision and mission, taught proper etiquette for interviews and such; and all the other things that I need to know to be ready and prepared for whatever career path I am going to take. The highlight of the seminar was when I was told to “Believe in yourself”: that whatever I decide to do and wherever I am, I only need to believe in myself to succeed. I also learned that having success is not having impressive titles; it’s about being happy in what you do, no matter what it is.”

Daniela receiving her certificate of completion from speaker Rane Ann.

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