Singapore School Cebu partners with us!

Last month, we were fortunate enough to partner with the teachers and pupils from ‘Singapore School Cebu’. They wrote a blog about their time helping out at our drop in centre, and preparing lunch for 180 of our schooling programme students. The experience really highlighted the vast differences in childhood between children living just a few miles away from each other. Here is what they thought: 

The Upper Primary School pupils of SINGAPORE SCHOOL CEBU had an Outreach Programme dubbed “SSC with Mercy… in Action” last 12 February 2015.

Held at MiA’s Drop-In Center in Talisay, the half-day activity involved the pupils teaching the children in the centre about Maths, showcasing a Science extravaganza, and preparing lunch for the 180 scholars of MiA.

The result? An amazing half day filled with fun learning, enlightenment and laughter!

Here are some insights from the SSC pupils themselves of their experience.


“The trip to Mercy in Action’s drop-in centre was really exciting and I was so happy that the kids in my group learned something from us. I know that they are street children but I don’t treat them less.  In fact, I treated them like how I treat others for I do not want them to feel less. I had fun teaching them how to measure, and we also taught them how to “add” and “minus”.

One of the children in my group is Jocelle.  I think he went to Grade 4.   He was really good in multiplying and dividing and he tried his very best to complete and perfect the worksheet we gave him.

The children were really respectful and even though their life may seem hard, they still had smiles on their faces. This experience made me learn a lesson which is not to give up no matter how hard life can get. Never lose hope because there’s always sunshine after the rain. Mabuhay! Mercy in Action!”  -Maria Elena, Primary 5 Pupil

“The experience in our Outreach Programme made me feel really happy. And it’s a different kind of happiness when you are able to help someone rather than receiving something, like a new iPad.” -Reina, Primary 6 Pupil

 “When I was teaching a kid how to measure, it was very challenging for me because the kid could not get it right away. I had to explain the concept several times just for him to understand. I almost ran out of hope.  And I did feel a bit sad why a child almost my age didn’t get to have the same opportunity to learn.”  -Euan Irie, Primary 6 Pupil

“Our Outreach Programme was like another way of reflecting what is happening in this world.   I surely learned a lesson from this experience and felt very happy to be able to share our knowledge. I would like to thank the people of Mercy in Action for making this experience possible and also our School President Tita Trixie for arranging this event for us.”  -Therese, Primary 5 Pupil 

"Pupils in Action!"

“We the P4 pupils, had a wonderful experience helping Mercy in Action prepare lunch for their 180 scholars.  Through this experience, I learned that we have to study hard and work hard so in the future, we can be successful and be in a position to help other people who need help.

For I really want the children to be happy and know that we are here to share our blessings with them.  So hope our shanghai rolls and fruit salad made their tummies full and brought smiles to their faces.

I want to say thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Rosal, to Harry and the rest of the Mercy in Action team for being there for these kids.  I hope that these kids will be safe and successful in the future.  – Chelsea, Primary 4 Pupil

Even if it was just for half a day, SSC pupils were forever impacted from their experience and hopefully will not forget their social responsibilities in life.  Seeing the smiles of everyone that morning, both adults, pupils and the children in the centre was enough testimony that there is indeed much hope in the future as long as we all care.  Kudos to Mercy in Action for providing such an inspiration to all!

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