Typhoon Hagupit Update

Storm clouds gathering

Typhoon Hagupit (known locally in the Philippines as Typhoon Ruby) is due to make landfall in the Philippines on Saturday night, December 6.  This is the biggest storm this year so far, measuring 600km across. It is projected to pass through the Philippines due north of where Mercy in Action is in Cebu, but no one is sure where the most affected area will be, and many forecasts disagree with each other. This is coming just over one year after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, so we here at Mercy in Action are getting ready.

We are making sure we have emergency supplies including food, water and lights.  But most importantly we have opened up our sites as evacuation centres for families living in areas that will be most vulnerable when the typhoon arrives.  Most of these families have come from a slum area of Talisay City that is on the shoreline, and is exceptionally hazardous to storm surges and flooding.  In our Spring Village site alone we have arranged shelter for over 40 children and 20+ adults.

At times like this it is amazing to witness the Filipino spirit of resilience.  All over the Philippines, and here in Cebu, we are seeing how communities come together in times of crisis and fear.  Families are having to leave behind their homes and possessions, yet here at Spring Village everyone is supporting each other and being cheerful.

Families taking shelter at our Spring Village Centre

Some of the children, enjoying the 'sleep over'

As long as there is power we will be keeping you updated with how we are getting on.  Keep following our Facebook page for any new information.

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