Providing a helping hand in hospital

Nurse Chinwin

Last week one of the girls in the girl’s home had to have an emergency appendectomy.  It was a scary event for everyone, but the MiA nurse, Chinwin, was fantastic by staying with her throughout the whole ordeal.  He made sure she had the best care at the hospital, kept her calm when she was scared, all whilst keeping the rest of the team updated on how she was doing.  In total, Chinwin was up and awake for over 24 hours taking care of her!  Thankfully the operation was a success, and she has made a full recovery.  She’s now back home and attending school again.

While Chinwin was in hospital, he was approached by the hospital’s social worker.  She had identified four separate patients who were in seriously poor health, and came from acutely impoverished backgrounds.  In Filipino hospitals all patients must have at least one friend or family member with them at all times. This means that often families miss out on multiple incomes during times of ill health, which makes hospital stays even more stressful. The hospital had supplied basic items for the patients, but the families were still really struggling to get by. They were having a hard time even affording food and water.  The social worker asked if there was anyway MiA could help them.

Being actively involved in the community here for nearly 10 years has allowed Mercy in Action to have a great impact on thousands of lives. In Cebu, we have a warehouse filled with essential basic goods donated by you, our supporters in the UK. After we heard about these four families in desperate need, we prepared basic care packages with food, water and sanitary products.  The next day we were able to distribute the goods to the families, giving essential aid when no one else could.

Care packages being prepared

Community intern Angelo and global volunteer Keziah, with hospital social worker ma’am Elsa

Our support from the UK is vital to how we can help families without hope here in Cebu.  Thank you for any donations you have made, either in our shops, our warehouse or directly to MiA.  This ensures that we can always provide real help to those that truly need it.

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