Mercy in Action Foundation Day

Monday 6th October was the 8 year anniversary of the founding of Mercy in Action as a registered organisation operating in Talisay City.  MiA has been working in the Philippines for almost 20 years now, but it wasn’t until 2006 that Directors Emily and Tim started focusing on transforming the community in Talisay. Here in Talisay, Mercy in Action is known in the local language as ‘Kalihukan sa Kaluoy’ – the closest translation being ‘Movement of Mercy’.

To mark this day, MiA held its first Foundation Day Celebration on Saturday 11th October.  What made the event really special for our staff and clients was that one of Mercy in Action’s founders, Allison, was able to attend.

Over 150 members of the wider MiA family in Talisay were invited, and were divided into 3 groups.  The mothers, fathers and youth members of our source support groups made up the yellow team; staff and children living and working in our residential centres were the green team; and Drop-In children and college students on the schooling programme formed the blue team.

The event started with video presentations, music and a message from Allison.  It meant so much to everyone to see and hear how MiA has grown with the community.  From the smallest of beginnings, an act of feeding 5 street boys, to an organisation that has helped transform the lives of thousands of children, and is continuing to do so.

Part 2 of the day was the games!  Relay races, quizzes, balancing acts and team play were just a few parts of the competition.  With such a wide variety of games everyone had something to offer their team, both kids and adults.  As the games went on it even got quite competitive!  The blue team made up of Drop-in kids and college students ended up taking home the first prize – bragging rights!

After lunch, the kids and staff of every project each gave a dance presentation.  The street kids from the drop-in impressed everyone with how well they remembered their steps, whilst the youth group gave the most dramatic and energetic performance.






The celebration ended with a distribution of gifts from MiA to everyone that came.  A package of essential basic goods that will be helpful for families was given to every attendee.  The packs included toiletries, canned food, toothbrush/toothpaste and biscuits.

There are so many reasons to commemorate the founding of MiA’s work in Talisay.  The number of street children’s whose lives have been rescued and restored, and the transformation of a community that desperately needs support are just a few of them.  It was the perfect celebration of both how much we have achieved, and what we can look forward to in the future.

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