Helping mothers in desperate need.

We recently posted on Facebook about how MiA was able to help a mother and her premature baby. We were able to pay for all medical costs for the two of them, and they are now happy and healthy, enjoying life at home.  This past week we’ve been able to help another young mum in desperate need.

Arriving at the hospital

This vulnerable single young mother lives with her 1 year old baby daughter in the largest and poorest slum community in Talisay. For 2 weeks this adorable baby was seriously ill with diarrhoea, and was severely dehydrated.  Other mothers that MiA regularly works with who live in the same community noticed how sick the baby was, and they were worried about how the young mum would pay for any medicine. They urged her to take her sick child to the MiA community centre.

The child’s uncle, (the younger brother of the mum) happens to regularly attend the drop-in centre. Thankfully, he was eventually able to bring his older sister and his ailing niece to Mercy in Action’s Centre.  There, our nurse Chinwin saw the baby.  By this point the child was so weak she couldn’t even cry.

MiA immediately took the mother and her baby to the hospital, where they have now been for over a week. The doctor’s have said that once the child’s course of medication is finished, they can be discharged.  MiA are committed to covering all medical costs, and will be working very closely with this small family in the future.

Thankfully we were able to reach this child in time.  Our strong links with the community built over a long time of working and helping the street children and families of Talisay mean that we are able to help in situations like this when no one else can.

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