Aren’t We Lucky

Aren’t We Lucky

A poem by Ruth Atwick who sponsors 10 year old Maria, who lives in Talisay City, Cebu.

As we lie and rest, our weary heads,
We forget about those, without any beds.
Their bed is a bench, a box in the street,
Whilst we have our beds, a LUXURIOUS TREAT.


We have rooms of our own, in a place we call home,
But theirs is the streets, where everyone roams.
We can wash and eat, in the warm and the dry,
But these only often have, the rain from the sky.


In all winds and weathers, they can be found,
In streets, in doorways, or lying on the ground.
Some are just sitting, whilst others they busk,
For just a few pennies, to give them a crust.


While we sit and groan, yet enjoy once more,
Some goodies, which to them, is a sumptuous store.
The days they seem longer, the shadows grow,
And off to our homes, we lucky ones go.


So when you go, to your bed tonight,
Just think and pray, for those in this plight.
We take our home for granted, so much each day,
But remember to the Homeless, it’s a DREAM that’s FAR AWAY


The Mercy in Action team would like to thank Ruth for sharing her wonderful poem with us. If you would like to change a child’s future, like Ruth has done, by becoming a child sponsor, please get in touch.

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