New homes after Typhoon Haiyan

Thanks to generous supporters throughout the UK and elsewhere, Mercy in Action was able to build dozens of new houses for families who were made homeless by Typhoon Haiyan in November. These houses were mainly built in Talisay, where Mercy in Action is based, and in a village on Bantayan island, which was totally devastated by the storm. Our staff in Cebu recently travelled to Bantayan, to see how the families are getting on in their new homes. Here are a few stories from Talisay and Bantayan.


Jesus and Elor

Jesus and Elor live in Talisay and they have 3 children. Elor stays at home to take care of her young children while Jesus works as a fisherman and earns around £2.00 a day, when fish levels are good. However, many areas in the Philippines have been overfished, and so it is feared that soon his work will fail to support his family. The family are thankful that whatever happens, they now have a sturdy house to call home.






Joseph and Silva

Joseph and Silva have a busy household with 13 people currently living there including Silva’s daughter and her five children. Silva also became the guardian of her twin grandsons after their mother abandoned them.  Joseph works as a fisherman, and the income is also supplemented by their daughters husband. He works in another city as a driver and sends money to the family. It is safe to say their home is now the brightest in the whole village!

Richard and Juana

Juana is disabled and so she relies on her partner Richard to provide for their two children. He works as a fisherman and earns between £1.30 and £2.00 per day. Typhoon Haiyan destroyed many people’s boats and fishing nets, as well as disrupting the seabed which has made fishing very difficult in the last 9 months. The new family home makes life far more comfortable for Juana as she tries to provide the best possible care to her children, despite her physical disability.





Ignacio and Celena

Ignacio and Celena live with their 5 children as well as members of their extended family, bringing their household up to 10 people. Ignacio works as as a construction worker and their son works at the local mall. Their combined earnings are around £7.50 a day. Their new home is far better suited to accommodate this large family.

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