Host a fundraising event for Mercy in Action

Whether you like to cook, host or just drink coffee, there’s a fundraising event for you!

Mercy in Action relies on the generous donations of supporters, just like you. Our projects couldn’t help anywhere near as many people without people donating their items to our shops, their time as volunteers, or their money as generous donors.

We know that people love doing events for charities, but aren’t always sure of how to go about it. There’s the obvious choices of a marathon, or other physical event, but this doesn’t suit everyone. What if there was an easy to follow, step by step guide of how to raise money, spread the news about Mercy in Action, and have fun all at the same time?!

Well now there is!

Mercy in Action have developed fundraising packs for various events, which give you all the info, hints and tips you need to carry about an informative and enjoyable event, without causing you any stress!

So far, we have a dinner party pack, ‘Host a Filipino Feast’ and a ‘Coffee morning pack’. Recipe ideas, invitations, child profiles and video links are all included. These packs can be downloaded from our website here, or for more information please contact us.

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