The Superheroes and Princesses of Cebu

Super Capes and Pillowcase Dresses

Mercy in Action has been fortunate enough to have made partnerships with I am Super Capes and Dress a Girl Around the World (through Sew Scrumptious). Both these organisations aim to make life a little more cheerful for children living in terrible poverty around the world. You can find out more about them at their websites: and

At Mercy in Action we were thrilled to receive amazing capes and beautiful dresses for our children to enjoy. As the new Filipino school year is about to begin, we combined handing out the dresses with our schooling programme registration day. The first to receive the capes were our new first grade students – we really hope that these Super Capes will give them the courage to succeed in their education and make them brave on their first day at school!

For some of these little girls, the pillow case dresses may be the first new item of clothing they have ever owned. It was so wonderful to see their smiling faces and how special they felt in their beautiful new dress!

Thank you to all the makers of the capes and dresses. Your efforts have definitely made a difference to the children we work with in the Philippines.

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  1. Claudia says:

    I am so glad the children liked their capes…..after all, every superhero needs a cape x

  2. Louise Horler says:

    Gorgeous photos! So pleased the girls liked the dresses. Louise (Sew Scrumptious) x

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