Our heartfelt thanks

To date, Mercy in Action has raised £64,000 towards aid for individuals, families and communities that were completely devastated by typhoon Haiyan. We had many donations from individuals, both new and existing supporters. However, we would never have reached such a huge amount of money without the generosity of companies, churches, schools, cub groups and others from all over the country. We hope we have managed to remember all those who have kindly given so much! In addition to the list below, we would like to thank all the shops, cafes and restaurants who had donation pots for us, and all the customers who donated their spare change.

There are many stories on our website about some of the people we have met and the ways we have been able to help them, with the money that has been donated to us. We will have more information about how the money has been spent in the next few weeks. However, please know that your donations have dramatically changed hundreds of lives. Because of you, those who were homeless now have houses, those who sick are receiving treatment and those who were destitute now have hope for a better future. There is still plenty to do, but thanks to you and many other individuals, we have the funds to continue our relief work, and be where we’re needed for the long term.

Thank you

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