New Drop in Centre!

The Drop in Centre: Exciting Expansion!

Over 5 years ago we opened our first Drop-In Centre for street children. The space was loaned to us by the local government, and it was in two small, hot and stuffy rooms on the first floor of the market building. It has been a lifeline for countless street children in the Tabunoc Market area of Talisay City. The support it provides to children who have been neglected, abused and left to the streets is incalculable. The children are given food, basic education and a place to wash and be safe. Primarily though, the Drop-In Centre is so important because it lets the children know that they are loved.

Since then, we have grown and reached out to so many street children. For almost 2 years now, our Drop-In Centre has been in a different location to the original site. As well as catering to the needs of the street kids, the current site has also served as a community centre, run by volunteers from our hugely successful Source Mums’ group.

However, as the scope and size of our work has expanded, so has our need for a larger space. The contract on the current location was about to end, and so we have just signed for a large, 3-bedroomed bungalow in the heart of the city. And the best bit is, despite being a lot bigger, the rent for the new place is significantly cheaper! The staff here are all thrilled about what this now means for the work we can do for the street children. For one thing, there’s now just so much more space!

Our first staff meeting in the new centre

Working together on this new stage in the Drop-In Centre is our Drop-In Social Worker Carol, our Drop-In Teacher Sheryl, and our Community Outreach Intern Richard Wakely.  We are looking to expand the reach that Mercy in Action has in the local community, and this new space is the perfect first-step to achieving this.  We have the chance to provide much more for the area.  At the moment, we are looking to start dance classes, sports training, music lessons, and more: all in our new centre!

The room that will become the Source Mum's Community Centre

One of the most exciting plans we have is to open a library in one of the rooms.  We have had the bookcases and books to do this for a while now, just nowhere to set it up!  This will be particularly useful for our Schooling Programme Scholars that live in slum areas.  These children struggle to finish their homework at home, usually because there is little to no space, no supplies, and most of the time, no lights to work with: it gets dark here by 5.30pm.  We are planning to keep the library open until the early evenings after school, to give these children a chance to complete all their assignments.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, the house isn’t in the best condition!  The whole place needs renovating.  There is loads that needs to be done: the outdoor space needs cleaning up, the toilets and plumbing needs sorting out, the walls need painting, the cupboards need reupholstering, just to name a few jobs!  Our opening dedication ceremony will take place next Monday, February 3rd.  On top of this, we will be working tirelessly to make sure that the scheduling for all the new clubs and activities is finished on time.  We have a busy week ahead of us!

We will be updating the blog when the Drop-In Centre is finished, with details on how the opening dedication went.  Also, you will hear from us over the coming months about how all the new clubs and activities are going.  You can help support the running of our new Centre by donating here:

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  1. Rebecca Goulding says:

    Exciting plans! I look forward to hearing about the progress.

  2. Venda Wilkie says:

    Awesome guys…keep up the great work!!

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