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News from Cebu – From Allison Todd 

We have currently raised an extraordinary £30,000 towards typhoon aid, through generous donations from our shops, online, and over the phone. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us so far in bringing help and hope to those who have lost everything.

We have already sent £10,000 of this to Cebu, which has been used for immediate food, baby formula and water. This week we’ve spent an additional £2,000 on medicines and supplies for the medical outreach started today.

We are joining with our friends from Helping Hands & Healing Hearts in Manila and P.O.C.M (Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries) to provide the best relief care we can. Four doctors and four nurses (all self-funded) flew down from Manila to help us run our health clinic. Today we were based in Talisay, giving help to the families we work with on a daily basis. Early tomorrow morning, we will be heading north to those areas badly affected by typhoon Haiyan.

We had a busy morning, making sure that nearly 400 patients could be seen by only 8 medical staff in just 3 hours! The surgeon used the kitchen as a makeshift theatre and removed, among other things, multiple cysts and a metal pin protruding from a badly set broken arm. All in a days work! One seriously ill 10 day old baby was hospitalised and we hope this prompt action will save her life. Our office doubled as a pharmacy as every patient was weighed and all records kept for reference. All the diagnoses were written down in case follow up by a local doctor is required.

4 doctors, a handful of nurses, and just over 3 hours to attend to almost 400 patients.

I would like to extend my own personal thanks to everyone one the team from MiA, HH&HH and P.O.C.M who worked tirelessly through the heat to provide the best possible care for each and every person who attended the clinic. Their hard work and compassion were amazing.

Tomorrow we are heading out at 4am local time to bring medical assistance to people in North Cebu and Leyte that have been badly affected by the typhoon. We will spend 5 days bringing healing, comfort and love to hundreds of families. The guys from Helping Hands & Healing Hearts and P.O.C.M are coming with us and it is going to be an amazing team effort bringing love, medicine, doctors and fun to some devastated areas!

Being here in Cebu I am more aware than ever of the usefulness of our aid; despite the huge numbers of aid workers and NGOs here there are still areas without help. Homes need building, children need to return to school and people need help to be able to earn money again. This part will be the greatest challenge as their livelihoods have been swept away. This is an ongoing issue, that isn’t going to go away once the news teams have left. At Mercy in Action we hope to provide essential, life saving aid now, as well as ongoing support as people try to rebuild their communities and livelihoods from the rubble.

We will have very little internet access while we are away but we will fill you in when we get back. Please pray for our protection while we travel.

Thank you again for all your support and generosity.

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  1. Hilary says:

    Good to hear your news. Keep up the good work. Well done team.

  2. Peter says:

    Great work Allison – we’re cheering you and all the Cebu gang on from afar!!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you for the coming few days in North Cebu. With love to you, Tim & Em and all the MiA family!

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