Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

Imagine your Christmas was arriving in a shoebox.

Let’s make it one to remember!

It’s that time of year again! Christmas decorations are already taking over in Cebu and Christmas carols have been blaring in the malls for about a month. Which indicates that September is upon us! And with that, Mercy in Action looks forward to the container being packed up, ready to be shipped over to the Philippines in time for Christmas. As well as practical resources for our children’s homes and projects, one of the main things that our October container carries over to the Philippines are Christmas shoeboxes. We make sure that every single one of the children on our schooling programme and Drop in Centre projects receives a shoebox in time for Christmas. For many of the children, these boxes are the only presents they will receive at Christmas.

I don’t think you can quite imagine the happiness these boxes evoke. The joy that I witnessed when an 8 year old boy discovered a can of tuna in his box was both delightful and extremely upsetting. Such small gestures can really make a huge impact on the lives of these children. It’s not only the physical presents, but also the knowledge that someone, far away, cares about them, and is thinking of them and sending them love at Christmas time. The loneliness and neglect that these children feel would only be amplified at Christmas, if it wasn’t for the help of our supporters who enable us to give these children a Christmas with food, parties, presents and most importantly, love and acceptance. These Christmas shoeboxes let the children know that they matter, they are important, and they have not been forgotten.

To encourage you even more, here are a few pictures of some of the shoeboxes being opened at last year’s Christmas party.

The shoeboxes ready to be handed out

Waiting to be opened...




Discovering what is inside!

Checking out what their friends have received!










We hope that these photos have encouraged you to make up your own Christmas shoeboxes to be sent to a child in the Philippines. If so, here is a little bit of essential information:

  • Boxes can either be dropped off at your nearest MiA shop (by Saturday 5th October) or at the Mercy in Action warehouse (by Friday 11th October)
  • Please try to include items from each category below:
    1. Food: tinned fish, fruit, spaghetti, dried soup, milk or hot chocolate, noodles, wrapped sweets (not boiled).
    2. Toiletries: toothbrush/paste, soap, shampoo, flannel, tea-towel, hairbrush (please wrap any liquids in plastic bags)
    3. Stationery: paper, pens, crayons etc.
    4. Gifts/toys, small cars, wooden spoon, jewellery, cutlery, candles.
    5. A greeting card if you would like to include this
  • Lastly – have fun and be imaginative!
For more information, please contact us
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  1. sarah townend says:

    Hi I have just contacted you about myself collecting together shoeboxes to send out to the Phillipines but I realise that I have missed your Xmas deadline! Any chance a second collection could be done perhaps for Valentines Day? I’d really like to help! Best wishes, Sarah

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