100 New Sponsors Needed

This year, Mercy in Action has taken on 100 new scholars. So now we need 100 new sponsors! Here is what Rhianna, who recently visited Mercy in Action in Cebu for a few weeks, has to say about child sponsorship.

Rhianna’s story

The highlight of my trip was meeting the child that I have sponsored for the past few years. I think he was very overcome and it took a while for him to get over his shyness, but his mum was keen to chat and I hope that he has been encouraged to continue with his schooling and know that people really care about him and want him to succeed. I was truly humbled by being invited to visit his house. Although I’ve lived in third world countries and travelled, seeing the home of someone you care about and realising that a bamboo shack with plastic sheeting and a collection of very tatty items is the sum of their family’s possessions, gave me a new perspective. Life is a daily struggle and yet they were willing to open their home to this stranger. It might feel like sponsoring one child is a drop in the ocean but it makes a huge difference to him and every drop does make a difference.

Sponsorship really does help transform the lives and prospects of children in Cebu. Without the Mercy in Action schooling programme, many of the children could not attend school due to the cost of uniforms, books and supplies. Some would be kept at home to work or beg to help provide an income for the family. For those who could attend, it caused great financial burden to their parents, and many would not have any food to eat during the school day.

For these new scholars they can now go to school with all school supplies paid for, and they receive a nutritious meal to aid their learning. Not only this, but they can gain an education without having a negative impact on their families incomes and livelihoods. They now have the opportunity to attend school, high school, college and even University. They have a hope of a future out of the poverty they have been brought up in. They can have a good career, and in turn support their own siblings or children through education as well. A cycle of hope, rather than poverty.

One thing that really helps the students continue on their education is a personal sponsor. It encourages them that someone far away really cares about their learning. They know that their report card and attendance is going to be seen by their sponsor at the end of every year – a scary prospect to some! Any cards or Christmas shoe boxes received from sponsors can really transform birthdays/Christmas. And as a sponsor, you can really have the knowledge that you are actively transforming a child’s life.

We will be uploading new child profiles to our website over the next few months. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, for only £18 a month, please email enquiries@mercyinaction.org.uk

Thank you for being a part of changing lives, transforming communities.

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