A Drop In the Ocean

Removing a child from the perils of the street to the comfort and safety of our children’s centre is never an easy or even pleasurable experience.  The very fact that they are in such danger and degradation yet their parents are very often close at hand is an absolute tragedy. The struggle to see change in those same parents, many of whom spent their own childhood living on similar streets to these, is a long, slow process hampered by ignorance, illiteracy, drink and drugs.  Whilst our sympathy may extend to the adults, our loyalty and commitment is totally for the child.  One such child is a 7 year old girl I’ll call Evie.  We’ve been involved with Evie’s family for the past 4 years, helping to send the children to school, feeding them, keeping them safe during daylight hours and praying they’ll be safe at night.  Evie’s parents ‘live’ on a market barrow under the flyover; they have no possessions and the little money they earn is spent on drink or drugs.  Their children have been left to fend for themselves and are a means for money when they can be sent to beg on the streets.  For the girls of course the danger is that even more will be expected of them…

This last week Evie’s parents were finally persuaded to sign her over to our care, worn down by the constant presence of our social workers and community volunteers.  We didn’t wait for the ink to dry on the documents before she was transported to the Centre where she has been reunited with her older sister and has spent the first few days learning how to live in a house, sleep in a bed, take a shower, have a place to call her own.

A small victory and yet there is little satisfaction involved when we know that so many more children just like her are still on the streets tonight.  It’s easy to think of Evie as a small drop in the ocean, but I prefer to think of her as a jewel in the crown.

Allison Todd  (MiA Founder & Director)

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  1. Roger Pask says:

    This is good news indeed. ‘Evie’ will I am certain be very happy in her own home. She is such a trusting and out-going little soul. Its great that she can now have somewhere safe and clean to sleep and count on food and care of her health and also clean clothes.
    Well done everyone.

  2. Val Jordan says:

    Well done Mercy in Action! It thrills my heart to hear news like this!

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