The grand opening of MiA’s new children’s home

The Grand Opening Of MiA's New Children Home11-11-11 was a momentous occasions for MiA as it was the opening of our new children’s home.  years of fundraising, planning and building we were able to unveil the new house to local officials and christen it with its first party! The whole team worked so hard cleaning and decorating, and some of our Source mums volunteered their time to provide the snacks, including, in popular opinion, the best sticky rice cakes in Cebu. The children from the home made a real effort, and the girls all looked beautiful in new dresses, and the boys were very handsome and managed to avoid getting muddy for a whole afternoon!

This day was especially significant for John and Allison Todd, and it was great that they could be there to see the fruits of their labour. Allison said, “We’ve been dreaming of this place for 4 years and finally it’s a reality.” The house was designed by MiA and so it is exactly what they want. It feels like a real family home, and the kids love having more outside space, and their new bedrooms decorated just as they requested. Allison says,“To see the kids settled in and doing well is such a stark contrast to how they were just a short time ago. Their resilience and fight never fails to surprise me. You just wouldn’t know they were the same kids who once lived on the streets and had no idea of what a family was.” Due to their maturity, kindness and openness it is often easy to forget where these girls came from, and what they have already been through, despite their young ages. Before they were part of MiA many of them were abandoned, abused or neglected and had no experience of a real, loving family. Yet despite that, they are now real brothers and sisters, looking out for one another and forming a family together. This home is such a blessing for them, where they can grow, develop and learn, to both love and be loved. It is somewhere safe and secure for them, where they know they are accepted and incorporated into a family. They are now able to be children once again.

So what now for Mercy in Action? The next house of course. This house is just the beginning of the dream; one is not enough. Much more hard work is necessary in order to provide a family for so many of the children we work with. To rescue them, restore them and bring them into a family and a lifestyle so different from any they’ve experienced before. “This is no time to rest on our laurels,” says Allison. “There are many more children in Talisay who need the same kind of help. We need to get back home and continue fund raising so we can build the next house and rescue more abandoned and forgotten kids.”

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