Latest Fundraiser News Dec 2011

This year’s Ladies Challenge raised over £2,500 for MiA!! One of our first-time challengers, Vic Marlow shares her experience….

My daughter and I arrived at the beautiful Brecon farmhouse on the Friday night, just in time to join 25 other women in a delicious meal and evening task of night navigation. After a short map and compass reading lesson, we set out on a night walk with only coordinates and a compass to guide us.
Our Saturday stomp began early at 08.30. A beautiful walk looping around the hills and climbing 3 of the main peaks of the Brecon Beacons. At times it was tough going and to everyone’s surprise we really did need the woolly hat and gloves at the top, but it was exhilarating tackling such serious hill climbs. Most of us had never walked so far but we all pushed ourselves and had an amazing time, before returning to the farmhouse where more delicious food was served. We later watched an inspiring film about MiA’s work and despite flagging energy levels we played a game, but it was an early night for most.
On the Sunday morning, I chose to do the waterfall walk activity. Following a river through beautiful scenery and getting behind the waterfall was good for the soul.
Sharing time with brilliant women, being active, enjoying good food and beautiful countryside made for a pretty perfect weekend. But don’t be under any illusions that the Ladies Challenge isn’t challenging – it is, and worth every minute.

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