News from Tim & Emily

The last few month have been super busy for the team here in Cebu. We have lots of new additions at our children’s village, global volunteers and new members of staff. The family has been growing.

This month we moved 9 children into our first home built at the new children’s village, called ‘Spring Village’. We spent last month making the site and the house as beautiful as possible. When the children saw the finished home for the first time they cheered, high-fived and squealed in joy as they saw their bedrooms that have been decorated to their specific requests. And 14 year old girls have very specific requests when it comes to design! They spent the first day at the house unpacking and organizing all their clothes and bits.

There is still ongoing building work to do. In November we will complete the finishing touches to the huge canteen and kitchen that will be shared by everyone and will also double as a meeting place for ‘The Source’, schooling program meetings and other events. We’re eager to complete this next stage so we can move on to building the next house on site which will be for street boys. We already have a waiting list!

We are all very excited and encouraged by the amazing progress with the children living at Spring Village. It’s hard to believe we’ve only been working in Cebu for 5 years, but the changes in the lives of these girls are so huge. Each one of them has their own story of how they ended up on the streets and eventually came into the MiA family, but they don’t let their pasts define them, they are thriving at school and at home and continue to amaze us. Recently the head of social services and the Mayor asked for our kids to perform a dance at a big city gathering celebrating children’s month. The girls were very pleased to be asked and we are so proud of each of them!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas from all of the team here in Cebu. You will be in our thoughts and prayers, especially as we open the Christmas container!

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