The November Education Project

In November, Roger Pask volunteered to travel to the Philippines, to initiate an educational programme for some of older children at the drop-in centre:

My sister Val (Jordan) and I went with some trepidation to Cebu to work with a group of street kids who come to the drop-in centre next to Tabunok market. A life-time in education in England, and a prominent role in the work of the Institute of Education, London University and the National College for school Leadership was no guarantee that our work with street kids in Talisay would make any impact at all.

What guaranteed it was kids themselves _ their openness and warmth towards us, their enthusiasm and most amazing of all resilience and hope they displayed. Our aim was to inspire them about the idea of getting back into the school system, but it had to be sustainable – or it would have been worse that useless. That’s where the team came in!

Cindy, Natalie, Mai, Lory and Jinky joined brilliantly in what we all saw as an experiment. Yo-yo fed us and Dan transported us. Thus we had a very practical team who worked with real commitment to make the work enjoyable and successful. We sang a lot, we played quite a bit but we worked hard too for three hours each day. The older children wrote their life stories and the younger ones build on basic skills in reading, writing and numbers in a fun way. We finished with an afternoon of celebration and a day out at a country club with the children.

Three of the older boys enrolled in regular schooling this February and a new appointment has been made to co-ordinate the school’s project. MiA is looking for a teacher to work part-time to sustain what we started.

We owe a huge dept of gratitude to the children themselves. Some might think we gave to them – but the truth is that they showed us what it is to hope and believe in the future!

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