News from Tim & Emily in Cebu

So far 2011 has been a busy but fun time for us. This year we decided to expand our outreach area with street kids, to focus on their education through our drop-in centre and by pushing towards our eventual goal of setting up a night shelter. However, as soon as we decided this, an issue sprang up…

For the last three years we have been using two adjoining rooms for our drop-in centre, allocated to us free of charge by the local government. But at the end of January we were asked if we could move to make way for a local health care centre. We could have said no and kept on using the rooms, but we decided that we would like to keep peace with all the local government departments, so we transferred. The government had another space for us directly opposite our old drop-in centre that was free, so we are using that temporarily. It’s half the size of our old space and is nowhere bear what we had.

It’s been frustrating as we haven’t been able to find a suitable place to rent since we moved. We have seen several amazing properties for sale, but nothing for rent that people are willing to let us use as a drop-in centre. The search continues! The kids are in good spirits. They are happy that we have not had to close the drop-in centre, and that they still have a place to come for some love and food every day. We are always aware that there are still so many more children on the streets to reach, and we are trusting for the perfect place for us to arrive so we can bring more into the safety of the drop-in centre.

The beginning of the year has also been a very exciting and positive time as the first phase of our Children’s Village was completed and the second phase began! It’s amazing to see the changes in the lives of the kids we already have living in one of MiA families. To see kids go from “street kids” to beloved sons and daughters is amazing, and with our new children’s village we will have space for many more!

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