News from Natalie

Natalie Coyne is one of the new additions to the Cebu team. Having flown out from England to join the team in November, Natalie has taken on the role of Community worker, a key job which involves a lot of hands-on work, especially with the children and mums.

” in the first week of January we found out that we had 2 weeks to move out and find a new place for our drop-in-centre!”

The drop-in centre is really where things begin for us here; it’s where we meet the kids; wandering kids with no one or nowhere to go, or kids who do have a home and do attend school but still need a safe place to be at the end of their day. Most of them we see everyday, but almost everyday there’s a new face with a new story.

Providing a safe place for these kids is really a special thing. Whether its painting the kids toe nails, making paper aeroplanes, learning English or singing along to the high school musical DVD, it’s taking the kids minds of their troubles and worries, and filling their day with fun and with people that care for them today and for their future.

We have recently enrolled four of our street kids, aged 12 – 14 on a schooling programme which specifically is designed for children needing to catch up on the years they’ve missed of education. The kids are so excited to be enrolling again, and are doing a great job of getting up early and on time for school despite there challenging living circumstances.

New toys from the Christmas Container are being very much enjoyed by the kids (and the adults), so thanks! 🙂

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